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2110 Trawick Road
Raleigh, NC 27604

our committment

dedicated to serving your family

Beacon Baptist Church Daycare seeks to provide a safe, wholesome environment for every child. While nothing compares to a mother's love, our daycare has loving Christian teachers dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child.

With more than thirty years of daycare experience, BBDC has proven to be a place parents can depend on and trust in caring for their child. We desire to give each child the love, affection, and nurturing needed for healthy development.


off on the right foot
Using the ABEKA curriculum beginning in our toddlers class, our students have a regular class time each day. With each grade building on the other, our four-year-old preschoolers are reading, writing in cursive, doing simple addition, and much more before ever entering a kindergarten classroom.


In a world where values are compromised daily, our family felt strongly that our children needed very consistent guidance. We are so happy to be involved in a school that...

age requirement

you must be this tall to ride
A child's birthday must fall on or before October 15th to be accepted into the age-appropriate class.

health & safety

Our fenced playgrounds are inspected monthly for your child’s safety. The playgrounds are well-shaded to minimize sun exposure.

Our facilities are cleaned daily and throughout the day. Thorough handwashing is required before entering the classrooms, after outside playtime, and before meals. Our facilities are regularly inspected by the North Carolina Health Department.

Parents are given an access code to enter our locked facilities. Lockdown, fire, and tornado drills are practiced regularly with our children and staff to ensure prompt responses in emergency situations. Only parent-approved adults with photo identification are allowed to pick up your child.