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2110 Trawick Road
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from our parents


In a world where values are compromised daily, our family felt strongly that our children needed very consistent guidance. We are so happy to be involved in a school that has expectations for our children and will hold the parents accountable as well. What a blessing it is to know that home, church and school have the same beliefs and values!


I can’t say enough good things about Beacon Baptist Church Daycare. The teachers are wonderful! My daughter has been there for a year and she has grown so much. You have a wonderful curriculum for the children, fun activities, and of course my favorite is learning about God. I could not ask for a more structured, safe and friendly/family environment. I love Beacon Baptist Daycare! Thank you for all you do.


Our firstborn started at the daycare center immediately following her first birthday. We were hesitant about transitioning her to a day care environment because she had always been cared for in our home. The staff and teachers did an awesome job of making us feel comfortable with her transition. They have been open, warm, loving, and accessible. One year later, our daughter is thriving. She exceeds expectations in terms of reaching developmental milestones and she absolutely loves her teachers. Our hearts are at ease knowing our daughter is being cared for in a Christian environment that reinforces what we teach her at home.


Finding a daycare that meets the needs of your family is a very rewarding decision. After months of visiting a number of childcare settings, we comfortably settled at Beacon Baptist Church Daycare with a strong sense of peace and relief. The environment is inviting and friendly, but also offers structure and routine. We have grown to love this daycare because it is obvious that the teachers LOVE what they do and it shows in their faces each morning as you drop off your children. They genuinely want what is best for the children and continue to show an interest in each one, even after they move to another class at year end. It is the highlight of my day to have a teacher pull me aside after school/during church/even in email to tell me something funny or sweet that happened. The teachers are taking away as many memories and the children!


I love the example each and every teacher has had on my children. It is a great feeling to know that since I can’t be with them every hour of the day that they are cared for by each teacher as if they were their own. I have had the privilege of getting to know the teachers in K1, K2, K3, K4, and K5. I love that the teachers have been a part of RCA for years, and that the teachers my oldest had are still a part of RCA and my youngest now gets to build that bond! It is such a wonderful feeling!


I love Beacon Baptist Church daycare because the teachers are caring, loving, knowledgeable, supportive and friendly. My son has learned a lot and has progressed within the daycare program - he loves attending and loves his teachers. The structured environment is beneficial to my son's learning style. I have found the teachers to be very flexible and work with us when we have to schedule therapy sessions, appointments, etc. I was very impressed when the daycare director made modifications to meet the needs of my son's health condition. She was the first person I met when I was inquiring about the daycare; her welcoming spirit and warm heart make the daycare outstanding! I would recommend (and have recommended) Beacon Baptist Daycare to several people!


We feel very blessed to be a part of Beacon Baptist Church Daycare. The teachers and staff make children feel welcome and also do a great job of communicating with parents about their day. They take pride in providing a clean, loving and nurturing environment. We appreciate the structure Raleigh Christian Academy provides while balancing learning and fun with a Christian education.

Jennifer T.

As the daughter of a pastor, I strive to raise my daughter in the manner in which I was raised. It is very important to me to instill in my daughter the same morals and values that my parents instilled in my siblings and myself. I had been unable to find a daycare that would help me achieve my goals, until I came here. At the time, she had just turned two years old. My daughter is smart, with a lot of energy. She did not have very much structure at her previous daycare. Not only are the teachers sweet and loving to my daughter, they provide that structure (Yes, structure to a now 3yr old) and are able to channel that extra energy into positive, Godly things. Each day, my daughter comes home and tells me of her “Bible time”, and the special moments that she has shared with her teachers. It is very important to me for my daughter to have confidence in her teachers and feel comfortable communicating with them and not being intimidated by them. I get that from these teachers!! They are awesome at what they do!


My daughter has been a student at Beacon Baptist Church Daycare, for just about four years now. The teachers and administration are warm, loving, and we absolutely adore them. As new parents, we were anxious about someone else caring for our first born, but from the very first day of K1, we have never once felt uncomfortable about her care. The teachers that are there today, are the same that were there four years ago, which speaks a lot to the administration at BBCD, and to the individual teachers whose mission is clearly to educate with love. This year, in K4, my daughter knows her letters, sounds, simple addition and subtraction, is printing and writing her name in cursive, and she is reading Level 1 books. I really cannot say enough great things about the program, staff, and facility. We are looking forward to K1 with our youngest daughter, who we, without hesitation, enrolled for this upcoming year. We have been truly blessed to be part of such a great school.